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What are the new rules governing H-4 visas

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What are the new rules governing H-4 visas?

The H-1B visa has proven to be an invaluable tool for U.S. employers looking to add individuals with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to their workforce. Indeed, the visa has helped immigrants from all corners of South Asia secure valuable work experience and forge lasting connections here in the U.S.immigration lawyers

Interestingly enough, however, the experience of the spouses of these H-1B visa holders, the vast majority of whom are women with their own education and experience, has been decidedly different. Indeed, these spouses, known as H-4 visa holders have long been denied the chance to pursue any sort of career.

What are the restrictions governing H-4 visa holders?

Immigration law has long dictated that H-4 visa holders were not eligible for work authorization, meaning many otherwise highly educated and skilled people were unable to secure any type of employment during the six-year term of their spouses’ H-1B visas.

This inability to work and, by extension, contribute to the marital household resulted in many H-4 visa holders referring to it as a “golden cage.”

Are H-4 visa holders still subject to these restrictions?

H-4 visa holders are able to apply for work authorization.
The change came about thanks to a provision contained in executive actions on immigration.

Do H-4 visa holders then have carte blanche to seek work authorization?

No, H-4 visa holders can only seek work authorization under the following scenarios:

Their spouse is in the process of applying for a green card.
Their spouse has received an extension on their H-1B visa.

How many people will benefit from these new rules?

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, it is estimated that over 180,000 applications for work authorization will be filed by H-4 visa holders over the coming year, leveling off to around 55,000 per year thereafter.

If you have questions or concerns regarding H-1B visas, H-4 visas or any other employment-based visa, please consider speaking with an experienced legal professional as soon as possible.

Personal Injury Law – Oilfield Accident Attorneys


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When you are injured in an oil and gas industry accident, it makes sense to have an attorney on your side who knows how to maximize the compensation received by oil and gas industry injury victims. Those that work in the oil and gas industry are subjected to some of the most hazardous industrial conditions in the United States. As a result, oil and gas industry workers suffer more severe work-related injuries and suffer wrongful death more frequently than workers in other fields.

Whether you or a family member has been injured, or a family member has been killed, when struck by a piece of equipment or other heavy object that was sent flying when something went wrong, by a gas explosion, by a pipeline accident, or due to a fire, chemical exposure, a dangerous fall, or a falling object or piece of equipment, or by some other oil and gas industry-related accident, we can help.

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Accident Lawyers – Laws Are Constantly Changing

Personal injury laws are constantly updated and insurance companies and defense attorneys are constantly in search of new ways to reduce or dismiss claims. It is best to understand personal injury claims before you get injured. Meaning that there are steps to take once you have realized that your injuries may have been caused by negligence, malpractice or otherwise. accident lawyers

Because laws are constantly changing you may be entitled to some rights that you are unaware, a qualified and experienced attorney can point these out to you. You would be advised to consult with a lawyer concerning the laws applicable to your case. Personal injury litigation begins the moment an accident occurs. Every word that is exchanged and every event that occurs becomes a part of the trial for settlement of the case.

Whether you are injured in a car accident, a slip and fall or due to medical malpractice or faulty equipment, be wary of what you say and do. In most cases an inured person will be asked time and time again to go over in detail the events of the moment they were injured. Gather and log as much information as you can to include in your personal injury claim.

Important Personal Injury Guidelines
If you have been injured, take extreme care to avoid saying anything that may later be interpreted as an admission of fault. Skillful defense attorneys will try and turn even the slightest humorous remark or apology into an admission of fault. In the same regard, take special consideration to listen carefully to what the others involved in an accident are saying and make note of it all. In general avoid discussing the cause of the accident or injury.

Call the police in any case involving personal injury and file a report. If you are involved in an injury in a place of business then ask to file an accident report with the company. Make an attempt to gather information from eyewitnesses and others in the area. Get as many names and as much contact information as you can. Many individuals are reluctant to get involved in personal injury cases, so try your best to gather accident lawyer

Try and take photographs of the accident and the surrounding area of the accident. Photographs are especially helpful in cases involving automobile accidents and equipment failure. If you are looking for a car accident Lawyer in San Antonio click here